Frank Hyunsok Oh (오현석, 吳賢錫)

I am a programmer at JNFSoft and a Technical Translator(English to Korean), currently I’m mainly on an exciting unltrasound HIFU(high intensity focused ultrasound) project using CEF(Chromium Embedded Framework), HTML with react.js frontend, node.js based middleware, and C++ backend for controlling the ultrasound devices.


Programmer @ JNF Soft (Mar 2017 – Present, Brisbane)

  • eYards merged into JNFSoft
  • same projects

Programmer @ eYards (Mar 2015 – Mar 2017, Brisbane)

  • Developing UI and device management program for High intensity focused ultrasound(HIFU) medical system
  • backend: CEF/C++, Python(control script), protobuf, zmq(messaging), mongoDB
  • frontend: React, Three.js(3D view)
  • Developed a SPA based on angular.js, react and bootstrap
  • CSS: sass preprocessed CSS
  • Web Application: angular.js with bootstrap
  • Web Service Layer: Spring boot, MVC, JPA with MongoDB

Web Infrastructure Developer @ Griffith University (Feb 2012 – Feb 2015, Brisbane)

  • Troubleshooting everyday server/web application problems & System Administrator for the Uni’s web application infrastructure (dspace, squiz matrix, zend)
  • Java/PHP web based software maintenance (dspace, squiz matrix, etc)
  • Search Engine(Funnelback) administration
  • Helping PeopleSoft maintenance

SW Freelancer (Oct 2010 – Feb 2012, Brisbane)

  • mobile SW development – Objective C – iPhone SW UI programming ( one time password, remote desktop client )
  • Windows SW development – Visual C++ – HTS(Home Trading System)
  • Web SW development – JSP/MS-SQL/Tomcat – account/user management – statistics
  • Realtime HTS Server(account/user management, realtime quote, trading request processing) – Visual C++ (IOCP for TCP/IP communication, MS-SQL for DB)

Technical Translator @ Red Hat (Jan 2010 – Oct 2010, Brisbane)

  • Document/SW Translation, i18n, l10n (English to Korean)
  • RHEL documents (Guides & Reference Manuals)


  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) – M.S. in Computer Science – major study area: Compiler & static analysis of computer program, run-time memory management, functional programming languages

  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology – B.S. in Computer Science

Translated books

  • Kotlin in Action (Kotlin in Action), Oct 2017
  • Function Reactive Programming (함수형 반응형 프로그래밍), Aug 2017
  • Akka in Action (Akka 코딩 공작소), Jul 2017
  • Programming in Scala 3/e (Programming in Scala 3/e), May 2017
  • Functional Python Programming (함수형 파이썬 프로그래밍), Feb 2017
  • High Performance Python (고성능 파이썬), Aug 2016
  • Scala and Machine Learning (스칼라와 머신 러닝), Jul 2016
  • Programming Scala (프로그래밍 스칼라), Jun 2016
  • Python Robotics (파이썬 로보틱스), May 2016
  • Learning Concurrent Programming in Scala (스칼라 동시성 프로그래밍), Dec 2015
  • Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud (시스템 성능 분석과 최적화), Dec 2015
  • Python for Secret Agents (유쾌한 파이썬), Nov 2015
  • Programming in Scala 2/e (Programming in Scala 2/e), Nov 2014
  • Python in Practice: Create Better Programs Using Concurrency, Libraries, and Patterns (파이썬 인 프랙티스), Sep 2014
  • Core Python Applications Programming 3rd Ed. (코어 파이썬 애플리케이션 프로그래밍), Jan 2014
  • Ruby for Rails (레일스를 위한 루비), May 2007